For a game from the time of it´s first release I won't say that Blood & Magic is disappointing.

User Rating: 6.5 | Blood & Magic PC
Blood & Magic is one of those fast, but still fun games. The game is, in my oppinion, a bit to easy, and really way to short. I think if they will ever make a sequal of this game in a new coat, including a longer story and more difficulty that it surely become something that would bring interrest at those whole love the mix of roleplaying aspects in RTS games.

About the gameplay, there isn't really much to complain. Altough the game was released with some bugs, that could be seen through. There wasn't realy much orginality in the varriaton of the environment and the untis, altough it pleased much to see the units "that" you had at your disposal becoming more usefull in the certain situations of the game.

Graphics isn't really that was different from all other games from that year. It was the casual block builded environment and also the units moved very static.

Sound isn't really something that was pleasing. Can't really complain about the whole sound/music idea, but it just bored to fast. It's better to put on some great David Arkenstone or Enya.

In total, altough the low score, I felt something pleasant while playing this game.