Interesting Game

User Rating: 6.4 | Birth of America PC
All the people who have reviewed this game have pretty much laid out what needs to be said.

1. it's a game for historical purposes mostly. it has all the appeal of risk, with some added touches of ease and fog of war.

2. If you're wanting depth, there isn't a whole lot there. I shouldn't but I will compare this game to Medieval 2. This game could be on that sort of level if they incorporated real-time battles, even if they were just pre-animated versions of soldiers blowing up and getting shot. Give some actual visual representation of what is happening, not statistics. Show a battlefield or something. You can't really control what happens during the battle. It's more of a numbers thing. Some tactial options like attack at night, using trees, any kind of actual warfare techniques would be nice.

3. Interface actually didn't bother me. I got used to it right away with no problems, other than there being no way to get the hints back in the tutorial once you've clicked away...? Also people unanimously agree that the sound needs work.

This is a pretty good game if you want to play commander, but if you're in it for the glory, you would rather be ruling the world in civ or total war.