strategists and histiricists must / arcadists nightmare

User Rating: 8.9 | Birth of America PC
A real jewel on the historical wargame scene.

First, the map part is done in a very artistic manner. Do not expect any of 3D stuff... It is just purely ARTFUL, not 3Dful. The menus and information tablets could have progressed further from the times of Sid Meier's Colonization, but this is did not annoy me too much as I was looking for historical warfare, not 3D shooter in cyberspace.

Second, very detailed and innovative simulation of 18th century warfare in America. There are the game concepts, there is the historical research and it is also very well balanced. I hope this platform will be used for other war stages of the time as well (Europe could be the closest guess).
Although sometimes the absolutely prioritized historical accuracy made me feel little limited. There must be a way to preserve the historical accuracy and make it more exciting, specially the experience upgrades. It was still so much better than seeing battle druids in Rome: Total War.

Third, good AI. I never really cought AI making really dumb mistakes. Not surprisingly human (me) won, but it was an ongoing challenge.

Fourth, a fan-devoted developer team. Although I bought the game when there was already patch 1.9 out and did not experience any bugs and their solving, I somehow always felt that the team is very responsive just in any aspect - web page, forum. The version number of patch 1.9 speaks for itself; this either must have been a hell buggy game or the fellas at the developer side are working hard to root any out... and regularly.

Some drawbacks
Documentation - a game of such detail deserves documentation of appropriate detail. This results in lots of experimental learning.
Replayability - low replayability of campaigns. Each game would be unique by the sides actions of course, but the surprise of historical events will not be there anymore. On the other hand, I played just the Independence War campaign and I am completely satisfied with my purchase.
Sound - it is appropriate, but starts getting on nerves after some while.
Interface and menus - not a problem really, but still could be improved both visually and by ease of handling/functionality.

In short, very rewarding for anybody who still values games by gameplay and accuracy of simulating reality in one way or another. Has lots of distinctive artistic style. For me it was one of those that keep you playing all night, waiting what the next turn would bring (although you were about to shut down the PC long before midnight).