It's a game for the history wargame lovers, pure and simple

User Rating: 8.7 | Birth of America PC
As a Revolutionary War reenactor and amaturer historian of the period, the lack of a decent game set in this period (and I don't count American Conquest which, though fun, didn't really capture the true flavor of 18th century warfare) always vexed me. But this game really puts you in the boots of General Washington et al, and does a fanstastic job of modelling the warfare of the age. But it's a game made for history geeks like me. If you're a casual gamer looking for real time battles like a previous reviewer, yes you'll be sorely disappointed. But if you're a history nut who loves historically accurate games, you'll love this one.

The AI is pretty decent too, and it took me a decent number of games before I was able to beat them. One great thing about this game is how you don't really know where all the enemy armies are. You'll be playing away thinking your strategy is going great, then all of a sudden a Brit army shows up you didn't realize that was there. Which is pretty accurate for the period. So if you're used to typical strategy game where you see everything, and everthing has a strict viewable percentage, it takes a bit getting used to. But welcome to 18thC warfare. The only real problem is the soundtrack is awful. Music of the period is in the public domain, and it wouldn't have been too hard to get a decent fife and drum unit to do a performance for reasonable pay. But if you're buying this, chances are you already own a 18thC military music CD, so turn off the music and play that in the background.