A History Turn Based,is it worth your money?

User Rating: 1 | Birth of America PC
Well the interface and graphics were respectable,nothing about this game intrigued me.What I was disappointed with was the map is set out in large scale and the generals are almost like pop up cardboard pieces on a gameboard.It deffinately has the board game feel.Reminded me alot like Risk with a different name,even the battle results scroll in a little box at the bottom of your screen.

What this gtame needs is the close up battle sequence so you can see exactly who dies and who lives and maybe your battles can be the main part.Is it an action or a Turn based game?>Seems to be neither.I felt alot like my turn wasn't over since i didn't do alot other then move.When your at war the music changes,aside from that you have no idea.

Try the demo before you buy:)