well it is not for everybody but for most of you it is well werth your $6.00

User Rating: 8.1 | Battle Lode Runner TG16
my buddy has this game on his wii vc, and it is really fun. We have played it almost every time I come to his house. When you have more then 1 person playing this it is at its beast, but this is not for everyone. If you have a friend that never plays games then they might not like being elimanated and watching the other people fight it out. So totaly if you have a friend that plays games at all then both of you will totaly get a kick out of it . this game really has flown under the radar and that is a real shame because it is totaly werth $6.00. gameplay is fun it is simple and easy. graphics I can not realy comepar them to anything else aside form bomberman . sound is repeditive and crappy . good for 6$ . and I like this game alot so the game you can compar this to is bomberman me and my friends wanted to play this mor that bomberman so yay it is that good. Now back to to just battle lode runner. The gameplay is simple and fun. The way it works is you start and then everyone gos runnying for powerups. Everyone digs holes just looking for pwerups. there are sevaral diferent powerups. There is a speed boost a gun which is the most importent powerup of all. It makes it so more then one hole is dug at a time this is confusing someone who is new to it. so you have everyone fighting over that well this was a long review so totaly pick this one up. inless you don't have freinds over much so yaa it still might be a buy for you.