A lot better than people make it out to be

User Rating: 8 | Battle Lode Runner TG16
Battle Lode Runner is a great game. It has TONS of levels, great multiplayer, wicked music, and what's this? Even a STAGE editor!? Why don't people love this game like I do?

Battle Lode Runner is well worth it's price. Only 600 Wii Points to sacrifice, but worth it without a doubt. I highly reccomend this game if you're a fan of the first one and have a friend or two to play it with. That makes this game all the better.

The sound is surprisingly well done. It's fun to listen to as you battle with your friends or on single player. The stage editor is a lot of fun too. It will keep you playing if you ever beat the 1 player mode.

All in all, this game is a must have for any puzzle fanatic. If you don't have a friend to play it with, I wouldn't reccomend it unless you were a fan of the first one. Happy Gaming