Batman and sidekicks take some villians

User Rating: 8 | Batman: The Brave and the Bold - The Videogame WII

Batman: The Brave and the Bold- The Videogame for the Nintendo Wii U is base the cartoon series of the same name as you play as Batman, Robin, Blue Beetle, Hawkman and Guy Gardner in their episodes (except Batman as he always the team leader) taking place in Gotham, some where in original Blue Beetle location, Lodon and other planets near the green lantern place. The gameplay in Batman: The Brave and the Bold- The Videogame is a 2d side-scroller where you go back and forth but in some case, stops you where enemies comes/jumps and crawl up from the ground to attack you, which you can attack and chain combo them more you land hits on any enemy the chance of receiving more bat coins for you to upgrade your gadgets, which while help you fend off lots of enemy and you can call in some superheroes (only 1 per player) to help eliminate enemy that is overwhelming you and your partner and when get like every 50 hits in you can release your special move on the enemy as well. The graphics of Batman: The Brave and the Bold- The Videogame looks exactly the cartoon series, but sometimes zoom a little bit out, in which sometimes you could barely see the tiny enemy that grab hold of you and go past. The sound of Batman: The Brave and the Bold- The Videogame sounds like the cartoon series do, even down to the hit sound effects. Overall, Batman: The Brave and the Bold- The Videogame is fun for mostly 2 players as your partner could take care of his side of the screen, while you can take care of your side and the you can buy/upgrade your gadgets by beating a part of the epsisode and at the end you can challenge Bat-Mite's 2 minutes rounds of limited enemies, where the higher the round the harder the enemies will be.

Gameplay: 9- Basic control where your press button for jump, block and attack.

Graphics: 8- Look exactly the cartoon series and when continuing combo, visual effects appears.

Sound: 8- Sound like the recent new Batman cartoons series.

Value: 6- Great fun if you have a friend to help you out as the ally cpu ai sometimes doesn't do much of the attacking.

Total: 7.8