Why do most people not like this game?

User Rating: 9.6 | Batman Begins GC
This game is very fun. I can't believe people don't like it. Most people think movie games are always horrible. This is a great movie game. Here are the pros and cons.

-great likenesses in the characters to the actors
-voices and sounds are awesome. Hearing Batman land a punch is very realistic.
-so many combos and fear tactics. I love making people horrified of Batman.
-Batmobile missions are so much fun. Similar to Burnout crash sequences.

-unrealistic things. Like if you jump off a building that's 100 feet tall you won't die. You will lose half health.
-fighting can get repetitive.
-takes about 10 hours to complete on your first try. 6 hours once you master it.

That's about it. Even though it doesn't take too long to complete, it's fun to
play again.