"If you like Batman, this game is for you" "Shows the promise of EA of producing a good movie based game."

User Rating: 8.4 | Batman Begins GC
I myself enjoyed this game to an extent. My expectations were a bit high when I first puchased it. Once you begin the game you will be placed right in the action immediately.This serves as a tutorial.The controls are fairly basic and there are a few user prompted actions. This game loans its self to a more cloak and dagger style of fighting but it is still very fun. You will have access to the Bat Gear which is very beneficial. There are also a couple of missions where you ae able to drive The Tumbler, Batman's wheels in the movie. The driving physics aren't like your regular driving game, but I have played games with much worse. There are cut scenes from the movie and also some cool bonus features that EA has thrown in to the mix.

If you like Batman this is a definate buy. For a hardcore gamer looking for some great action, you can buy this as a warm up for your other games.

Look for in the future an open ended Batman game where you can roam Gotham City at your will. That is what is missed from this game.