the game is wonderfull in playing good in driving make kind of fear and you are rouge assassins coooooooool in driving..

User Rating: 10 | Batman Begins PS2
the game story is good the voice actor is real game move with story line when u sussed a part of film opened until the
Make some kind of fear the hand with hand the driving cars is good.
fear and smart is your weapons .
the game need a lot of smart and silnt .good in moving .
3- no mercy.
the most favourite is part in playing is gea per, lol on it alot of costums .
the bad is
1-when game complete u can t play it agin.
you fill u like assassin or rouge no guns. bat man have the codes every thing in the game is good
and ma zing no mixed games like wet hand the suck game people in the is to little no blood put thier fear good game is not it the driving is cool feel player like he is driving 3d it is not dull. Fear mechanic too mechanical and obvious i wish that arklam sylam good like biguns ig ive my spiceal thanks for team work and ea company and dc waner boros and that is all