The dark knight returns once again!

User Rating: 8 | Batman Begins PS2
Batman Begins is by far the best Batman game to date. It allows the gamer to become Batman in a more realistic way.
Batman Begins will be remembered for its stunning graphics. Batman and the common thugs in the game look simply life-like. The actors and actresses gave their voices for this game….giving the sound department a big thumbs up. Fear is your weapon in this game and you will have to use it to bring down Gotham City’s crime bosses. Not many varieties of combos have been put in the game, and the stealth-kills get a bit repetitive after a while. Hence the game-play is the real downfall of this game.
The game is fairly easy to beat and the gamer would be prompted to have another run of the game.
Batman Begins is definitely a new beginning to the Batman franchise and one which should not be missed.