Good choice of songs but not enough available

User Rating: 7.5 | Band Hero X360
After playing a few guitar hero games, I wasn't expecting much to be different with Band Hero apart from the selection of popular songs - and I was right.

The songs are quite good, half of them were very popular songs and some were frankly unheard of but still good. The downside here is quantity of songs. I finished the game within a day on guitar. Not that I played 100% of the songs but the game is built in a way where you can finish it quite quickly.

I'm now playing the remaining songs and I'm sure I'll be playing this for many more hours to come as I've got to try it out on the drums. Continuing from my point above, I couldn't access the Music store to check out what the DLC tracks are and its been offline for a couple of days so I wonder if it's been shut down because it's 2011!

The graphics have definitely improved and its almost as good as the Warriors of Rock installment.

Overall, if you can get this game at a good price, it's worth it because of the popular songs. I bought it for $28 brand new and I'm happy with the purchase as I know I can have fun with others thanks to the selection.