I accidentally reviewed the Wii version, oops. Time to copy and paste that review into here.

User Rating: 7 | Band Hero X360
I played pretty much every song in the game at a friend's house. Now, being a huge Rock Band fan (I have like 500 or something songs), I played this and had a good time nonetheless. I don't think it's terrible, and my score of 7.0 is pretty generous. If you like GH this is one of the better ones I suppose. I don't care for Van Halen at all though. Stay away from that game even if you get it for free like I did through the Guitar Hero 5 promotion.

At the end of the day though, it's still just another quickly made game to sell as many copies as possible to get another $60 out of everyone.

I really wish the GH franchise would start over, and start doing things right like Harmonix is with the Rock Band network. Oh well, we can always hope that they'll get their act together one day.

But five dollars says that Rock Band will reign supreme as the most balanced music game with it's zillion songs and great production value.