Band Hero has transformed the saga into nothing more than a family-oriented experience. That isn't, such, a good thing.

User Rating: 6 | Band Hero X360
Band Hero has transformed the saga into nothing more than a family-oriented experience. That isn't, such, a good thing.

Band Hero wasn't a significantly-entertaining experience. – and when there was they were few and far between. Band Hero has taken away everything that made the Guitar Hero series so great: the difficulty, the song roster, and the characters. Instead, Activision has slapped their audience in the face and decided to target family-oriented business. In reality, this was a smart decision – since, it seems, the majority of the population listens to mainstream music. Me, on the other hand: I don't care about Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, or Jesse McCartney – I want Slayer, Iron Maiden, and Avenged Sevenfold!

Band Hero shouldn't even be considered a part of the series. Instead, it should at least be a spin-off. First and foremost if you've played the other guitar hero games, let me warn you: there is absolutely nothing revolutionary here waiting for you. In fact, it has the SAME interface that Guitar Hero 5 and its predecessors have. How old and boring is that? I don't care about party play and the career mode has been basically copied and pasted. Although, the songs in the end were atrocious. At least Guitar Hero 5 left on a better note.

I can't honestly recommend Band Hero to Guitar Hero enthusiasts. If you're a heavy metal, rock 'n roll, or plain rock kind of guy – here's some advise: DON'T PICK THIS UP. I bet sooner or later they'll release these songs as downloadable content and you don't have to waste any money picking up a copy that feels like nothing more than a blatant cash-grab.

However, if you're a family-man who wants nothing more than mainstream music and appropriate music for your children this is about as good as it gets.

Overall, I was left quite disappointed and appalled by this game that clearly wasn't made for my tastes or standards. Have fun to anyone else with a craving for mainstream music.

Positive experience:
- A minority of the playlist have songs that suited my tastes in music
- Replay-ability is still strong when friends are suffering with you
- The game is accessible to anyone and everyone (even to those who blow)

Negative experience:
- Song set-list has been cut down in size and replaced with mainstream
- Nothing new (with the exception of songs and a few mainstream celebs)
- Career mode has been copied and pasted (ends on a horrible note)
- The difficulty has been significantly decreased.
- Unlockable characters aren't noteworthy
- A majority of the achievements are broken and will not unlock
- The music, in this game, as of now, is completely exclusive to this game (you can't get it for free in other games; they're not even in the store)
- Unnecessary cutting of inappropriate language
- Party Play isn't necessary or needed
- Xbox Live Community is dead (I wonder why...)