Why the Users Score is a 3.4? This is one of the best music games of the year! (and that means a lot)

User Rating: 8 | Band Hero X360
So, the first time i saw this game was in a youtube trailer at E3 09, and i though well another Guitar Hero-like game...just called BAND hero which is exactly what it is: a BAND, The songs are excellent, period. And the gameplay...well...its Guitar Hero....with Band on its name, but you know...like every Guitar Hero game..... the gameplay is the same, no improvements, no let downs, just right.
The graphics is something i really dont care....but they are still great! could've been better of course but its still great.

Soundtrack: 8.5/10 (Great Soundtrack for a Great game!)

Graphics: 8.0/10 (Good, but not amazing)

Gameplay: 7.5/10 (same gameplay since Rock Band & GH: WT)

Overall: 8.0/10

Now, i wonder why this got such a bad reviews from the users....*3.4* dont tell me is because is called "BAND hero" and you guys say "its a guitar hero copy!".
Dude....play the game, have fun, its same old guitar Hero with new songs and overall its a great game. If you like Guitar Hero/Rock Band, why do you hate it? ITS THE SAME! ITS NOT A COPY BUT ITS STILL THE SAME!
Gamespot should nominate it for best "Music Game of the year". Should it win the award? No, Guitar Hero 5 is slightly better for me, but Rock Band Beatles is still this year's best.
But Band Hero is a must buy to every Guitar Hero/Rock Band fan.