A roach...mmmm.... do not let this fool you, great adventure game, but not for the faint of heart.

User Rating: 8.9 | Bad Mojo: Redux PC
OK, so you are a roach (a person turned into a roach) and you must use your wits and ingenuity to find out how to get everything back to normal (you getting back to your normal state) and find out what caused this "bad mojo" to happen to you and why. You live in Eddie's appartment which turns out to be a filthy, insect-infested room on top of a bar. You are planning your escape with the money you earned producing insecticide (ahhh, the irony) when all of a sudden you are turned into a cockroach. From there you will have to face various perils ranging from eddie's cat to a spidder, a vacuum , a rat and whatnot. The game's screens seem to be taken straight from photos and they are mostly very disgusting. You will find dead bloody rats, herds of fellow roaches, a disgustingly messy kitchen filled with boiling beans and even dying fish. This game is definitively not for people who gets disgusted soon (and even the brave will be hard pressed not to say or think "yuckkk" even once). I had the bad luck of having a snack while playing it for the first time and I had to stop eating since my hunger went away pronto after seeing this imagery. The graphics are ok and gets the job done with its purpose of creeping under your skin, but they do look kind of dated by now (this is a 1996 game). The sound is realistic and collaborates along with the graphics to give this game that eerie feeling of making you want to go ahead and clean up your entire house before it looks like Eddie's appartment. As for replay value... all I can say is that there are 3 endings to be discovered for this game which adds up to it and I have found myself playing through it over since I find it a fun game and an experience I haven't been able to get from any other game. Anyway, the game is short and you will get through in a short time if you are good in puzzles (they are pretty logical). The puzzles themselves is another bright side of the game, since they are so well incorporated to the "you are a cockroach" idea and they are really good in giving you the sense that as a cockroach, your abilities are limited, so you'll get to use simple objects such as a cigarette or razor blades to fulfill your objectives. The story is also pretty good and is discovered through video sequences also incorporated in the game and they will give you hints as to why you are having to go through all this. Last word, I amply recommend you getting this game if you enjoy unique gaming experiences, if you are not the very squeamish type who can't stand seeing a roach (you'll get to see a bunch of them here!!!), and if you enjoy adventure games. At last, Bad Mojo hasn't become a cult classic for nothing, it is a game whose dark soul, unreplicated premise and disgusting way of attracting gamers will stand up along with the other handful of great adventure games out there