This is the best Olympics game by far! An absolutely brilliant button basher for you to play your mates!

User Rating: 8.8 | Athens 2004 PS2
Ive had this game for ages now and really it is one of the best games i have bought.
It is 100 times better than Sydney for the PS1 and beats it in every corner. The graphics arent top notch and theirs no real athletes in it but who cares, the gameplay is really good.

It is the type of game you just enjoy playing anytime and never gets old! I would give it 5/5 on Lifetime!

One thing i am not so convinced with is that there is no proper season mode like in Sydney where you have to go through the qualifiers into the finals. Also you only do one heat and you have finished that event.

I still think it is good but there are definately improvements for the future.