Absolutely nothing good here

User Rating: 2 | Athens 2004 PS2
Ever play Track and Field on the NES? Okay, now, remembering that was 20 years ago, make it ridiculously frustrating, and add other events that are basically the same thing, and you have Athens 04, which is up there for my least favorite game of all time.

Let's start off with the gameplay. For the majority of the events, it's spamming the X and O buttons. That's pretty much it. It can also get frustrating as you could be spamming away as fast as you can and only get your "speed bar" half full. The archery event is decent, but the wind doesn't work very well, as in some cases, it doesn't move the arrow at all. As for skeet, the cross hairs don't even work. You can have the disk in the cross hairs, or both of them, and it will still miss.

Some events are just crazy hard. For swimming you have to spam buttons for a good amount of time without your arm getting sore. Credits to whoever got a gold in that.

Anyway, they are missing a lot of events. There are no team sports whatsoever. No biking. Not much else. The gameplay is so bad you wouldn't want to play these anyway, so maybe this is 989 Sports' way of saying "Okay, you don't have to be tortured THAT much..."

Anyway, this game shouldn't be bought, rented, carried by stores, or be within a 10 feet radius of you. If a store carries it, burn the store down so it doesn't pass on some sort of curse to you. This game is horrible, and is, in my opinion, the Disaster Movie of games.