The usual button mashing stuff.

User Rating: 6.3 | Athens 2004 PS2
The 2004 Summer Olympics, which are oficially known as Games of the XXVIII Olympiad, were held in Athens, Greece over 17 days from August the 13th to August the 29. As usual a game was made of it and as usual the game wasn't very good.

It is the same old button mashing stuff that has been around for the last twenty years and will probably still be around in the years to come.

The gameplay is well....O X O X O X. That is what you do in every competition. Their are alot of different events you can participate in but most if them require you to mash buttons until you brake you wrist.

The Athens 2004 graphics are not the greatest but I have definately seen worse. I would say then when you compare it to the games other features that the Graphics are great. The events and the athletes are very detailed which makes the experience a little better.

The commentators stink is all I can say about that. But when you are competing you get all the usual stuff like the moans and groans, the splashing water and all that but there is definately more needed.

The Value of Athens 2004 is not very high at all. You can compete in a pretty good range of events which will get boring after a short while, especially when you go button mashing crazy. It is a fun game to play against friends but other than that you will get bored with this game pretty quickly.

So in conclusion I say that Athens 2004 is an enjoyable game but unfortunately that enjoyment doesn't last too long.

That was a review by Edge-o-Matic.