Crying out for innovation.

User Rating: 3 | Athens 2004 PS2
It's a low score. The game deserves it. I bought it and returned within 3 days, and got my money back. So my value for the game should be higher for a game costing $0. But it's that bad. Gameplay: A few good games amongst many samey ones. A good way to learn the buttons on your controller, cause you are going to hit them. A lot. And throw L1 in or R1 occasionally. Some button mashing amongst mainly skill games would be better. We have sticks, timing is more skillful than button mashing. Graphics: The high point, and it ain't high. One person in the whole of each country represents the entire athletic program for one gender? I don't think so. Stadia are good, although the shotput was in the athletic stadium (not Olympia, where it actually was held). Sound: Repetitive commentary. Not enough lines. Three lines for every attempt at a discipline, good average and bad (occasionally foul as well). Value: Barely worth a rental. Get it out of your system, fast, and pray Beijing proves to be a better game. Look at Summer Games on the Commodore 64 - better gameplay there. Tilt: So embittered by the game, I just decided to give it a 3. If I still owned it, it would be a 2. something. Final Word: AVOID. Like The Plague.