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Why Sony Delayed PlayStation VR Until This Fall

Sony needed more time to manufacture additional headsets, executive says.


PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset PlayStation VR was supposed to launch in the first half of 2016, but earlier this month, it was confirmed that the device was delayed to October 2016. Now, a Sony executive has explained why the headset was delayed, saying it came down to increased sales projections.

Sony Computer Entertainment executive vice president Masayasu Ito told Nikkei that, in wake of the boosted sales projections, Sony found itself unable to make enough headsets to meet the projected demand and stay in line with the initial release window. Therefore, Sony pushed the date back to October, according to a translation of the report from

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PlayStation boss Adam Boyes told GameSpot at the Game Developers Conference that launching PlayStation VR in October gives PlayStation VR a "nice runway" into the all-important holiday season.

Ito did not divulge any information about the updated PlayStation VR sales projections. However, Nikkei reported, citing an unspecified source, that Sony is now expecting to ship 1-2 million headsets by the end of the calendar year. It wasn't mentioned what the original forecast was.

According to Nikkei, the PS4 is expected to reach 40 million units sold this year (nearly 36 million have been sold as of January 2016), which would give PlayStation VR a 5 percent attach rate with the console if all of them are actually sold through to consumers.

Also in the interview, Ito teased that PlayStation VR could support PC someday and said the headset's appeal may one day extend beyond gaming alone.

PlayStation VR launches in October, priced at $400. The device requires a PlayStation camera (sold separately) and Move controllers, though not required, can also be used for some games. Preorders for the $500 Launch Bundle (containing the headset, a Camera, two Move controllers, and a multi-game disc) opened last week, while preorders for the standalone device start today, March 29.

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