Thief Movie Moving Forward With The Departed, Hitman Producers

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A movie based on Square Enix's video game franchise Thief, which we first heard about in 2014, is moving forward today, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The site reports that LA-based production company Straight Up Films has acquired the rights to make the movie.

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The Departed producer Roy Lee and Agent 47's Adrian Askarieh, who recently appeared together on stage at the DICE Summit and teased a movie based on a Square Enix franchise, will produce the film. Askarieh has been retweeting tweets about the movie today, confirming it is indeed happening.

Adam Mason and Simon Boyes (Misconduct, Not Safe for Work) are writing the screenplay. Like the game, the movie will be set in a "dark fantasy world where a master thief tries to restore freedom, which has been denied by a magic-wielding tyrant."

There are no details at this stage about a cast, director, or release date, but we will have that information for you as it's divulged.

The Thief franchise was created by Looking Glass Studios, and the first installment was 1998's Thief: The Dark Project. Two sequels followed in the 2000s, while the most recent entry in the series was 2014's Thief.

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