Report: Thief Movie In The Works -- Who Would You Cast As Garrett?

Yet another classic video game franchise being adapted for the big screen.

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According to a report from Hollywood insider publication The Tracking Board, a movie based on the Thief franchise is in development. Production companies Vertigo Films and Prime Universe are developing the movie, with Adrian Askarieh and Roy Lee set to produce it. Both are veteran Hollywood producers, and are also behind the upcoming movie based on Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Askarieh and his production company Prime Universe also brought Hitman to the big-screen in 2007, and are currently working on a reboot called Hitman: Agent 47. The Tracking Board's report doesn't say anything about the plot for the Thief movie. But it's probably a safe bet to say that the franchise's thief hero, Garrett, will play a major role.

The Thief franchise was created by Looking Glass Studios, and the first installment was 1998's Thief: The Dark Project. Two sequels followed in the 2000s, while the most recent entry in the series was this year's Thief for consoles and PC. Not long after release, that game's developer, Eidos Montreal, laid off more than two dozens staffers.

It sounds like it's still very early days for the Thief movie, and there are no details yet concerning a director or cast. It's also unclear what kind of creative direction it will take. We have reached out to Square Enix for comment and will update this story with anything we hear back.

The Thief movies joins a growing list of video game movies currently in production. Ubisoft is currently working on a total of six movies, including features based on Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, and Watch Dogs. In addition, movies based on Warcraft, The Last of Us, Temple Run, Minecraft, Metal Gear Solid, and Angry Birds are on the way. The most recent video game movie was this year's Need for Speed, which starred Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. The movie did not win over critics, but it was a commercial success.

Who would you cast as Garrett in the Thief movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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