Super Mario Maker Getting More New Items, Including Keys

If you didn't think it was hard before...


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Super Mario Maker is getting another new free update that adds even more devious items for budding level creators.

Revealed during today's Nintendo Direct presentation, new items coming to the game on March 9 include:

  • An alternate Wall Skewer form (from Super Mario World) when you shake a Thwomp.
  • Keys (and corresponding doors that require keys). You can also attach a key to an enemy, which lets you create a mini-boss battle players have to beat to acquire the key and progress.
  • Pink Coins--To make a key appear, you have to collect all of the pink coins scattered throughout a level.

And if you thought Expert Mode in the 100-Mario Challenge wasn't hard enough, the update will also introduce Super Expert Mode. You have to clear Expert Mode to gain access to this random assortment of the toughest of the tough.

Nintendo continues to support the Super Mario Maker level-creating community, which according to the developer, has now created over 6.2 million courses. The last update for Mario Maker came back in December and added items like the fire-shooting Clown Car and p-switch doors.

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