Super Mario Maker Free DLC Includes Koopa Clown Car That Shoots Fireballs and More

"We hope that by adding in new items, we'll see even more interesting courses than ever before."

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A free update coming to Wii U's Super Mario Maker next week will deliver an assortment of new items that give players more ways to build their own unique levels.

One of the items is a Fire Koopa Clown Car, which, as you can see in the image below, shoots fireballs. It can also fire charged shot that's powerful enough to break blocks. Another new item coming in the free update is P Warp Doors, which, unlike standard P Doors, are only visible while a P Switch is activated.

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The update will also add a donut-shaped item called a Bumper. As its name suggests, this item sends Mario bouncing when he touches it. You can click through the images in the gallery above to get a closer look at all the new Super Mario Maker items coming next week.

In addition to the new items, Super Mario Maker's upcoming update includes new leaderboard functionality that shows the fastest clear time for a given level. This information will be displayed under a new menu tab appropriately called World Records.

Also on December 21, Nintendo will launch the Super Mario Maker Bookmark, a web service that allows players to search for courses to try from their computer or mobile device. You can search with filters like difficulty, game theme, course style, or a selection of other tags like puzzle style and music.

If you're logged in using your Nintendo Network ID at the website, the URL for which will be announced next week, you can bookmark courses in the app and they'll show up in the Course World tab in-game.

Nintendo also passed along some comments from Super Mario Maker's director, Yosuke Oshino, who talked about the general aim for this update and the new items specifically.

On the aim of adding these new items to Super Mario Maker:

Players have already created and shared a huge number of courses [Ed. note: as of September 2015, players created 2.2 million courses], and we have been listening to all the feedback about how people have been playing them. We hope that by adding in new items, we'll see even more interesting courses than ever before.

On the Fire Koopa Clown Car that can shoot fireballs and powerful charged shots:

We've been inspired by the huge number of courses that everyone has posted. There haven't been any shooter game-like elements in the Mario series to-date, but as Super Mario Maker offers so much freedom, we're hoping that users will be able to make even more worlds for Mario that have never before been seen.

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On the new Bumper item that Mario can bounce off:

We added this item to further expand the jump mechanics of the game. We hope that players will create thrilling, maybe even nail-biting courses filled with jumps. Having said that though, players are free to find their own uses for it. It may be a simple item, but it holds an infinite number of possibilities, and we're hoping players will again find uses for it that we never imagined.

On the P Switch-enabled doors:

We really struggled with this decision right up until the very end. For the people making the courses, not having the outline would be best. On the other hand, for the people playing, if there's no outline, they may not realize they have to search for a door, and won’t have any hints where to look. Otherwise, players may be unsure about how to move forward.

P Switch-enabled doors are not the most straightforward items to use, and by adding this outline we feel we've given players more options for how they can use the doors to create puzzles. Super Mario Maker is all about giving users as many options for creating courses as possible, and it's exactly because of this we decided to add the outline in. We hope that players will come up with lots of creative new ideas, and make the most of this.

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