Square Enix Switch/PS4/PC RPG Lost Sphear's New Screenshots Show Mechs

The new images show Kanata and crew battling in mech suits.


Square Enix has shared some new screenshots of Lost Sphear, the sophomore effort from I Am Setsuna developer Tokyo RPG Factory. The new images show off more of the title's world and battle system, as well as give fans a glimpse at a potentially new element of the game.

Like the studio's previous title, Lost Sphear is a traditional RPG heavily inspired by classic 16-bit adventures like Chrono Trigger. The new batch of screenshots provide a closer look at many of its classical elements, but what's most notable about the images is that they seemingly reveal a new mechanic that Square Enix hadn't previously detailed: mech suits. Some of the screenshots show protagonist Kanata and his party donning what appears to be robotic combat armor, which weren't shown off when the game was unveiled last month. You can see them in the screenshots below.

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Lost Sphear is a melancholy adventure set in a world created by memories. When memories fade, so too does a part of the world, leaving a white mist in its wake. After Kanata witnesses this phenomenon firsthand when his mother disappears, he sets out with his friends Lumina and Locke on a quest to prevent his village from vanishing and restore the world. Along the way, the trio team up with an enigmatic ally named Van, who uses magic to control a mysterious weapon called Bits.

As in I Am Setsuna, Lost Sphear employs an active-time battle system, which has been enhanced to give players a "much greater sense of freedom" in combat. While Square Enix hasn't shared any details on the mech suits the party can wear, the above images make it clear they'll play a vital role both in and out of battle; in one of the screenshots, the party can be seen using the suits to destroy a giant boulder that's blocking their path.

Lost Sphear is releasing for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC in early 2018. Square Enix is offering a limited quantity of physical copies for the PS4 and Switch versions through its online store. The physical copy retails for $50 and includes two additional music tracks.

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