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Sony: PS4 Destiny Bundle Helps Perception That PlayStation is "Best Place to Play"

Executive Adam Boyes says Destiny is a "critical" component of Sony's plan to make PlayStation owners "feel special."

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The $450 white Destiny PlayStation 4 bundle is a "critical" component of Sony's plan to make consumers think of PlayStation as the "best place to play." That's according to Adam Boyes, PlayStation vice president of publisher and developer relations, who says in a new interview that Sony's overall goal is to make PlayStation owners "feel special."

"In general, we want to look at PlayStation as the best place to play," Boyes says in an interview with Game Informer from this month's issue. "That's why we spent a lot of money going for 8GB of GDDR-5 RAM and high processing power--to ensure that it is perceived as the best place to play. Destiny is a critical part of that; we want people to see that custom white PS4 and say, 'Where did you get that?' or see the custom gear on PS4 and say, 'Where did you find that?' That's a part of ensuring that people feel special when they play on PlayStation."

Though Destiny is not a PlayStation-exclusive, Sony has lined up a number of special promotions with Activision and Bungie. The game's alpha was offered only on PlayStation, while the public beta began first on Sony systems. Further, in addition to the white PS4 bundle, PlayStation versions of Destiny will receive exclusive content. Despite this obvious special relationship between Sony and Destiny, Bungie has on multiple occasions stressed that it loves PlayStation and Xbox fans equally.

Destiny launches September 9 for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

In the lead-up to E3 in June, Sony rolled out a new marketing slogan for the PS4, heralding the platform as "where the greatest play." Microsoft fired back, saying later that month that the Xbox One has the best exclusives, new franchises, and multiplayer community. In addition, just this week, Microsoft confirmed that it will offer a white Xbox One system in a bundle with Insomniac Games' upcoming game, Sunset Overdrive. Previously, the white Xbox One was available only for Microsoft employees.

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