Bungie Says It Loves Xbox and PlayStation Fans Equally

“Loving a good game and the hard-working developers who create it is not a console exclusive.”

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Most Bungie fans got to know the developer while it was working for Microsoft on the Halo series, which helped define Xbox in the last two console generations. Some of these fans, which stuck with Microsoft and Xbox One, are upset that Bungie has aligned itself with Sony and the PlayStation 4 for its upcoming sci-fi shooter Destiny. PS4 and PS3 owners already got a chance to play an alpha of the game, the beta will hit PlayStation consoles first, and Destiny will also have PlayStation-exclusive content.

In a recent post to Bungie’s official website, Community Manager David Dague explained that despite its new relationship with Sony, Bungie doesn’t “hate” its Xbox fans, as one fan suggested in a question.

“Loving a good game and the hard-working developers who create it is not a console exclusive,” Dague said. “Bungie has embraced many different platforms in our storied history. We have a hard time sitting still. Our goal has been to create amazing worlds and fill them with as many passionate people as possible. What we would tell you is that, if you want to explore the world of Destiny, it was built with you in mind. We make games here at Bungie. We love the people who play them equally.”

And as Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently made clear, there’s no bad blood between Microsoft and Bungie.

Destiny launches September 9 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. A beta begins July 17 for PlayStation consoles, before coming to Xbox later in the month. To find out what version of the game you want to pick up, be sure to read about Destiny’s different special editions.

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