Self-Driving Cars in GTA 5 Is a Horrible Idea, According to This Video



YouTube user pizzaforbreakfast has put together a silly Grand Theft Auto V video that shows off what it might look like if Google's self-driving cars came to Los Santos. According to this video, it wouldn't go so well, with the cars mowing down pedestrians and causing all kinds of mayhem.

Take a look (via Kotaku):

In reality, Google's self-driving car experiments have gone much better. Just recently, Google announced that it partnered with Chrysler to expand its fleet of self-driving cars to include minivans.

As for GTA V the game, it recently introduced new Adversary multiplayer mode for GTA Online called "In and Out." Additionally, there is a sale going on now where you can get guns and ammo for cheap.

Looking for more wacky GTA V fan-made videos? You can see the intros for popular TV shows remade in the open-world game in the links below.

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