Watch GTA 5's Recreation of Pokemon TV Show Intro

Trevor plays a Pokemon trainer while Michael becomes Pikachu in this funny video.


YouTuber Merfish is back with another amazing Grand Theft Auto V video, this one recreating the famous Pokemon TV show intro in the open-world crime game.

Trevor plays a Pokemon trainer, while Michael, amazingly, portrays Pikachu. Recreating the intro of an animated show with a lot of effects was never going to be perfect, but this video certainly does a good job.

You can also check out a side-by-side comparison.

Merfish is the creator of many excellent GTA V videos. Click through the links below to see some other fantastic and totally bizarre videos.

GTA V has shipped 54 million copies since its initial debut in September 2013. The entire GTA series, meanwhile, has crossed 220 million units shipped to date.

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