Watch GTA 5's Recreation of the Fresh Prince Intro

It had to happen eventually.


YouTuber Merfish is back with yet another excellent Grand Theft Auto V video, this one recreating the famous Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opening inside the world of Los Santos.

It's not perfect, but the shot-for-shot remake--staring Franklin and called "The Fresh Prince of Rockford Hills"--is fun to watch and a nice little diversion for a Monday morning.

You can watch some outtakes from the video here.

Recently, Merfish created remakes of PBS children's show Arthur and Full House in GTA V. Merfish is also responsible for this video in which a massive blue whale terrorizes Los Santos.

The Fresh Prince video is just the latest example of the creativity and effort put forth by the GTA V community. Check out the links below for some other impressive videos.

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