Ring Fit Adventure For Switch: Stock Shortages Reportedly Driven By Resellers

The hugely popular fitness game is facing stock shortages as customers buy multiple copies to resell at a profit.


The Nintendo Switch's innovative fitness game, Ring Fit Adventure, has been a success for Nintendo, cracking the top 10 sales charts in the US in October 2019. It has continued to do well since, again making it into the top 10 in January 2020. It's doing so well, in fact, that some stores are facing stock shortages--and one Australian retailer has had to limit the number of copies that customers can buy, as resellers are buying multiple copies to sell at an inflated price.

Earlier in the year, Kotaku Australia reported that EB Games, the Australian arm of GameStop, has had to limit sales to two copies per person, as the game is being snapped by by resellers. As the rare game that is not available digitally (as it requires physical peripherals to operate), this means that many players are not able to get their hands on it.

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As Kotaku Australia points out (via Abacus News), there's also been an increase in interest towards the game in China, where the Switch recently went on sale--it represents a safe way to exercise at home amidst concerns sparked by the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Resellers have thus been able to sell the game for around double its retail price in Australia.

As of right now, Ring Fit Adventure still appears to be widely sold out online. The expectation that the Switch itself would eventually face stock shortages as well turned out to be true: the Nintendo Switch has been sold out online and seen a surge in price from resellers because of it. If you're on the lookout, we've been keeping track of where to buy a Switch right now, so check out our list for tips.

If you can get your hands on Ring Fit Adventure, it's a great game to have right now, especially if you're in an area affected by current shelter-in-place orders due to the coronavirus. It's important to stay active when stuck indoors. For more accessible media, we have a roundup of the best games, movies, and TV shows to keep you occupied while practicing social distancing.

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