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Resident Evil 4 Guides Hub

Our Resident Evil 4 guides hub has you covered once you start your harrowing journey as Leon Kennedy.


Resident Evil 4 is the latest in Capcom's long-running survival-horror franchise to earn a remake, and it's going in with guns blazing. As Leon Kennedy, you'll have to rescue Ashley Graham, the president's daughter. But things don't go according to plan, as a quaint mountainside village turns out to be populated by ravenous denizens and monstrous creatures. Here's our Resident Evil 4 guides hub to help you with weapons, puzzles, treasures, bosses, secrets, and more.

Resident Evil 4 guides hub

We've split up our Resident Evil 4 guides hub into several sections based on the related topics. Time to get ready for the fight of your life, and we'll be aiding you along the way, of course.

Features and demo

Official review - Resident Evil 4 has all the flash and finesse of a modern-day remake, but is it worth your while?

Video: Everything You Need to Know Primer - Here are some things about the game in general.

Chainsaw Demo: Mad Chainsaw Mode - Can you survive a tougher version of the demo?

Chainsaw Demo: Shotgun and TMP - Pick up a couple of nifty weapons in the demo.

Starter and survival guides

How long to beat Resident Evil 4 - Before you even press start and hear that signature main menu voiceline, here's what you nee to know about how long Resident Evil 4 Remake is.

Beginner's guide and survival tips - We've got several tips that should help keep you alive as you go through the campaign in Resident Evil 4.

Yellow Herb locations - Speaking of staying alive, you might want to collect all the Yellow Herbs to fully upgrade Leon's HP.

How to keep Ashley alive - Several sections of the game require you to escort Ashley to safety, and there are some quirks you need to know if you want her to remain safe.


Weapons hub - Learn about all the weapons you can acquire in Resident Evil 4.

Bolt Thrower - Use this weapon to stealthily take out opponents using bolts, or attach an explosive mine to clear out entire packs.

Red9 - The Red9 is a decent handgun that can be obtained once you have the boat.

Rocket Launcher - A staple of the Resident Evil franchise, the Rocket Launcher will annihilate most foes.

CQBR Assault Rifle - The Assault Rifle can be yours while exploring the Castle.

Treasures and Gemstones

Treasures and Gemstones hub - Learn about the different kinds of Treasures and Gemstone combinations.

Locked Drawers and Small Keys - Locked Drawers can be found all over the Village, but you do need Small Keys to unlock them.

Wayshrines and Cubic Device Cabinets - These ornate containers require special keys before they can be opened.

Ashley Treasure Keys and Puzzles - When you do get to control Ashley, you'll be able to pick up various goodies.


Village Chief's House and Insignia Key - Solve the riddle to acquire the Insignia Key, which can be used in a couple of areas.

Mural Cave Symbols - Choose the correct symbols so you can get these quest items.

Hexagon Pieces Altar - There are various pieces scattered all throughout the Village.

Castle Sword Puzzle - Pick the right swords to place on the drawings.

Lithograph Puzzle - Select the proper symbols to match their placement.

Chimera Statue Puzzle (Serpent, Lion, and Goat Head) - There are three heads needed for the statue.

Keycard Access Terminals - Reroute power to the terminals to increase your access level.


Del Lago - Do battle against this monstrous creature as you sail across the lake.

El Gigante - This lumbering behemoth packs quite a punch, and you'll encounter new variants as you progress further.

Mendez - This fella will be hunting you early on in Resident Evil 4. You'll have to stand your ground eventually.

Verdugo - Will you fight or flee from this assassin?

Merchant Requests/Sidequests

Blue Medallions - We cover all Blue Medallion locations, subdivided by area, in one handy Resident Evil 4 guide.

Golden Egg - There are lots of eggs that you can pick up, but only one is this special.

Vipers - You'll encounter a few vipers in different areas throughout the campaign.

Savage Mutt - Can you take out this mutated mutt?

Merciless Knight - This armored opponent is tougher than other variants.

Jewel Thief - Find the crow's nest to reclaim a stolen emerald.

Disgrace of the Salazar Family - Ramon Salazar keeps egging you on.

Miscellaneous: Collectibles, unlockables, and extra activities

Points of no return - Once you go past certain areas, you might not be able to return to the previous zone.

Shooting Gallery and Charms - Showcase your skill, earn tokens, and win prizes.

Clockwork Castellans - Destroy these toy soldiers to obtain the Primal Knife.

Unlockable weapons and armors - Acquire all the goodies by beating the campaign multiple times.

We'll continue adding more articles to our Resident Evil 4 guides hub, so stay tuned.

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