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PS4's Suspend Feature Reportedly Included in New Firmware Update Beta

Details of the PlayStation 4's 2.50 system update have leaked online.

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Update: A Sony spokesperson told GameSpot, "The next PS4 system software update will be released soon, and its features are currently being processed for quality assurance. We will have more information on the update to share shortly."

Original Story: The long-awaited PlayStation 4 suspend/resume feature is currently being beta tested by PlayStation fans, according to images that have been published online.

A Sony email posted on Imgur (via NeoGAF) reveals the company's new beta testing program for PS4 system updates. Invites are being sent out to PlayStation MVPs.

Unlike Microsoft's Xbox preview program, participants in Sony's beta have to agree to a confidentiality agreement that prevents them from sharing details of the test. Of course, that hasn't proven effective, as images of the first update in the test--the 2.50 firmware--have been posted on Twitter.

Photo credit: @Heleius
Photo credit: @Heleius

The primary feature in the update is the ability to put your system into Rest mode without having to close out of any game or app you have open. "The system can now enter rest mode without closing any applications," read the update notes. "You can adjust this setting in [Power Save Settings] > [Set Functions Available in Rest Mode]." This is something that can be done on Xbox One, allowing you to play a game, put the system into standby, and then immediately pick up where you left off next time you're on the console.

This functionality was discussed way back in February 2013, when the PS4 was first announced. Sony has repeatedly said it's still committed to delivering the feature, but had not offered any timeline for when it would do so.

New accessibility options, such as options for zooming and reassigning buttons, are also a part of the 2.50 beta. Other additions include the ability to delete Trophy entries for games where you have not unlocked any, and 60fps support for Share Play, according to Twitter user Wario64.

GameSpot has contacted Sony to find out more about the beta program. We'll report back with anything we learn.

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