PS4 Suspend/Resume Feature Not Cancelled, Says Sony

Platform holder confirms feature, first announced in early 2013, is still in development.

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Sony still plans to release a PlayStation 4 feature that allows players to suspend and resume games near-instantly at the touch of the power button.

The corporation first discussed the Suspend/Resume technology in February 2013, during the PlayStation 4 reveal event, where it said that players could pause a game by powering down the console and recommence when booting up.

However, more than 18 months since, Sony has yet to finish developing the feature, and tends to not discuss it publicly.

But during a recent press event where Sony revealed the latest features of its PS4 2.0 update, the corporation confirmed it is still working on the technology, though didn't elaborate any further.

The PS4 Masamune update is now live in the US and UK, and introduces a number of new features such as YouTube video uploading, enhanced voice commands and Share Play.

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