Promised PS4 Features Like Suspend/Resume Haven't Been Forgotten

Head of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida says, "It's not ready yet."

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During the PlayStation 4's official announcement event in February of 2013, Sony revealed a suspend/resume mode for the system and functionality that would allow another player to virtually "take over" your game through the Internet. Neither of those features are currently available, but they have not been forgotten or scrapped, head of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida says.

Asked by Kotaku about the feature where a friend could hop into your game to help you out in a jam, Yoshida said, "Our team has been working on it. There are some things that we announced in February of last year that were not planned for the launch timeframe."

Simply put, "It's not ready yet," Yoshida said.

Regarding that feature and the suspend/resume option, Yoshida replied, "I am asking the same question to my tech team every other week. Because every day I get reminded by lots of people: 'Where is this? Where is that?' It's a great reminder for me."

The suspend/resume mode keeps the PS4 in a low-power state, while preserving your game session. As such, all you'll need to do is hit the power button again and you'll be taken back to the exact moment where you left off. The "friend-takes-over-your-game" feature, on the other hand, allows a friend to virtually look over your shoulder, and with permission, "take over" your controller to help you finish a level.

There's no timetable for when these features will be added to the PS4. Notably, Sony never said they would be there for launch.

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