PlayStation "defines gaming" says Sony

SCEA CEO Jack Tretton says Sony sees no reason why it won't continue to be a market leader with the PlayStation 4.

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The PlayStation brand "defines gaming," according to SCEA CEO Jack Tretton. In a new Bloomberg TV interview, Tretton said Sony is putting its best foot forward with the PlayStation 4 and sees no reason why PlayStation's position as a market leader will change going forward.

"We've always been console leaders. We're at 80 million plus on the PlayStation 3, which is on par with our competition," Tretton said. "We're relevant on a worldwide basis and have been for three generations in a row. So we really think that PlayStation defines gaming and PlayStation 4 is our best effort yet. And the consumer reaction has been phenomenal, the development community is behind us, so we really have a lot of headwinds behind us."

Tretton did not stop there in asserting Sony's favorable position in the next-generation market. He said the PS4 software and hardware is superior to what Microsoft is offering.

"Well, 399 dollars, a hundred dollars cheaper than the other new entrant on the market. Far and away the best lineup of games, 180 games in development, 23 available on day one," Tretton said about the PS4. "And far and away the most powerful console. Ten times more powerful than the state of the art Playstation 3."

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