PlayStation 4 UI, dashboard demo

Check out an in-depth video demonstration of how the next-generation console operates.


After booting up the PlayStation 4 this Friday, the first thing users will notice about the next-generation console is its new user interface and dashboard. Both the UI and dashboard have been overhauled from the PlayStation 3, though the changes are not altogether radical.

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In a new video, GameSpot editors Peter Brown and Carolyn Petit walk you through the changes Sony has made to the UI and dashboard, as well as provide a demonstration of how the PlayStation Network looks and operates on the PS4

GameSpot's video coverage of the PS4 also includes a demonstration on how to install a new hard drive, how PlayStation Vita Remote Play works, and a general hardware overview.

The PS4 will be officially released on Friday, November 15 in North America for $400. GameSpot will have continuing video and written coverage of the system leading up to and following launch.

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