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How to install a PlayStation 4 hard drive

GameSpot editor Peter Brown demonstrates how to swap out standard hard drive for solid state drive, which we found improves speeds.


Like the PlayStation 3 before it, the PlayStation 4 allows users to swap out its 500GB hard drive if they so choose. But how does it work? Is it a challenge? GameSpot editor Peter Brown breaks down the process in a new video walkthrough, providing step-by-step directions on what it takes.

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The only tool users will need to swap out the PS4's hard drive is a Phillips screwdriver for the removal of several screws. Check out the full video walkthrough below and look for more walkthrough videos from GameSpot today and throughout the week.

Download speeds varied slightly between the provided PS4 hard drive and the solid state drive used in our video for smaller games like Resogun, but were largely consistent. However, once Resogun was installed, it loaded much more quickly, taking about 10 seconds on the SSD compared to about 20 seconds on the standard hard drive.

The PS4 officially launches on Friday, November 15 in North America for $400. The system will be released in Europe on November 29 and in 32 countries in total in time for the holidays.

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