Pay What You Want For Humble's Newest Strategy Game Bundle

Prepare to think like a commander.

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A new Humble Bundle is available, and it focuses on strategy PC games. As usual for Humble Bundles, you can pay what you want for it. That means you can get Dungeon of the Endless, Planetary Annihilation: Titans, and Endless Space - Collection for as little $1. The deal will be available on the Humble Bundle store until April 24.

We gave all three of those games at least 7/10 in our reviews. From our Endless Space review: "Endless Space is a new game to the 4X strategy scene, featuring non-linear gameplay and a demanding level of difficulty that pushes you to learn from past mistakes and strive to overcome the hurdles of galactic domination. This might not sound like everyone's cup of tea, but you'd be surprised how quickly Endless Space can trigger addictive tendencies."

But the folks at Humble Bundle try to encourage people to part with more than just a buck. If you spend more than the average price people have paid for the bundle (a little over $6 at the time of this writing), they'll also throw in Empire: Total War Collection and Endless Legend: Classic Edition, along with the latter's Tempest DLC.

We gave both of those games at least 8/10 when they launched. In our Empire: Total War review, we said, "It's impossible to condense an experience as broad and as rich as Empire: Total War to a few thousand words. Its complex amalgam of turn-based empire building and real-time skirmishing is exciting and involving, and it's both fuller and more streamlined than its predecessors."

As a final bid for more of your hard-earned money, Humble will throw in Endless Space 2 and Tooth and Tail if you splurge and spend $12 or more. As you can probably guess, these games scored well with critics, too. From our Tooth and Tail review: "Tooth and Tail is a bizarre cocktail of a dozen great ideas. It's a minimalist RTS that tosses out complex tech trees in favor of action-packed but accessible play."

Also, Humble Bundle buyers can decide how much of their money goes to charity. This month's featured charity is Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Overall, Humble says it has raised over $100 million for charity.

Pay $1 or more

  • Dungeon of the Endless
  • Planetary Annihilation: Titans
  • Endless Space - Collection

Pay more than the average ($6.14 as of publishing)

  • Empire: Total War Collection
  • Endless Legend: Classic Edition (with Tempest DLC)

Pay $12 or more

  • Endless Space 2
  • Tooth and Tail

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