Overwatch's New Bastion Short Might Be the Best One Yet

See how Bastion woke up.

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Now Playing: Overwatch - "The Last Bastion" Animated Short

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Blizzard today released the promised Overwatch short featuring Bastion, and it might well be the best of the bunch so far.

The Last Bastion, as this one is called, marks the first short in a few months. It clocks in at just over seven minutes and manages to tell a better story and convey more emotion than the previous ones despite having no dialogue. I won't spoil it for you--just watch it above.

The video concludes with a tribute to Yvain Gnabro, an artist who worked at Blizzard and passed away in June.

Blizzard released this short as part of its presence at Gamescom. It also recently revealed the game's next map, which is due out in September, and launched a new PTR update that makes a number of balance changes and teases jerks.

The Last Bastion is Overwatch's fifth animated short following those focused on Winston, Tracer/Widowmaker, Hanzo/Genji, and Soldier 76. Blizzard has also expanded the game's lore through comics and has a graphic novel on the way.

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