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Blizzard's First Overwatch Short Film Is Terrific

Meet Winston, the talking gorilla (and scientist) you can play as in Overwatch.


Blizzard today released the first in a series of animated shorts that will roll out in the lead up to Overwatch's launch in May, and it's quite good.

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The 8-minute video stars Winston, one of the 21 characters in Overwatch, Blizzard's new shooter. Winston is a genetically engineered gorilla (as well as a scientist, he'll have you know), and the video delves into both his origins as an adorable baby gorilla and his ongoing feud with Talon. We get to see a few other Overwatch characters during the short, too--most prominently, Reaper.

It's an impressive video, which is to be expected considering the quality of cinematics that Blizzard has produced for two decades. More are on the way featuring other Overwatch characters over the next two months, and we'll also be getting a series of free digital comics, as well as a graphic novel.

Winston and Reaper are among the characters you'll be able to try out during the upcoming open beta for Overwatch, which is scheduled to run from May 5-9. It'll be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You and a friend can begin playing two days earlier, on May 3, provided one of you preorders the game.

Overwatch is due out on May 24.

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