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Overwatch's Hanzo and Genji Square Off in Blizzard's Latest Short Film

Learn more about the two characters as they fight.


Blizzard today released another short film to promote the release of Overwatch, and like the others, it's quite good.

This latest video focuses on Hanzo and Genji, two of the game's characters, and the battle that ensues when the two meet up. It's excellent stuff in its own right, but what impressed me is the way Blizzard seamlessly works in some of their in-game abilities right into the fight, like Hanzo's Scatter Arrow and Genji's Deflect.

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Being a multiplayer-only shooter, there isn't a ton of room for Overwatch to tell a story. That's left Blizzard to fill in the game's backstory and lore through videos like these (past ones have featured characters like Winston and Black Widow). It's also released some short comics introducing us to the likes of McCree and Reinhardt, and the Overwatch website is home to descriptions of each character's story.

Overwatch launches on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on May 24. The game consists of the same content seen in the recent beta, though more is on the way.

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