Nvidia And AMD Don't See An End To GPU Supply Issues Soon

Both companies are struggling to meet demand, and the outlook doesn't look positive for the next few months.


One of the biggest issues shared by both AMD and Nvidia is a constraint of GPU supply, with both companies struggling to serve demand with their respective ranges of new graphics cards.

CES 2021 offered a chance for both to address the issue, but neither touched on it during the press conferences held earlier this week. Since then, both companies have given vague updates on the matter, and neither give a positive outlook for the near future.

Speaking to The Verge, AMD committed to having more stock for its three new desktop GPUs--the Radeon RX 6800, RX 6800 XT, and RX 6900 XT--on its website soon, ensuring that the MSRP doesn't change from the original launch price. AMD didn't, however, confirm stock levels, which mean it could just as easily sell out as the first batch during the messy launch.

Nvidia's outlook is grimmer. The company has acknowledged the supply issues with regards to its new Ampere-powered GPUs and says that supply will remain limited throughout the rest of Q1 2021. This is specifically Nvidia's financial Q1, which means the company doesn't expect supply to improve until the end of April.

Still, that didn't stop Nvidia from announcing a brand-new desktop GPU in the RTX 3060, which will launch late in February. The company is also producing numerous chips for RTX 30-series laptops, which should start landing later this year.

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