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LG's 2021 OLED Evo TVs Feature Its Brightest Panels Yet

OLED has always lagged behind LCD with overall brightness levels, something LG is trying to fix with its new 2021 "OLED Evo" range.


For 2021, LG isn't overhauling its popular line of OLED TVs. Instead, it's addressing one of the most common complaints with the existing technology: peak brightness. With its more expensive G-series of OLED TVs, announced during CES 2021, LG is promising better overall brightness levels with what it's calling OLED Evo. This should, in theory, make picture quality better in brightly lit rooms, where the lower brightness levels of OLED vs. LCD struggled.

LG isn't including this with its new C-series line, the follow-up to arguably one of the most popular TVs series around the launch of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The new C1 comes in various sizes, including 48", 55", and 65", and features a refreshed panel, LG's new 6.0 webOS, and a more powerful a9 internal processor to help power this year's iteration of AI picture enhancements.

One new software feature that is being included in both the G1 and C1 series is Game Optimizer. This bundles all the settings you need for gaming in one place, including auto low-latency mode, variable refresh rate, and more. LG says you will be able to create presets for specific games, too.

LG is also refreshing the previous B-series of OLED displays with the new A1 series. It features all the standards as above--VRR, HDMI 2.1, and Dolby Vision--but ships with last year's a7 processor and fewer inputs. Still, the LG CX was one of the best TVs on the market with roughly the same specifications, so the A1 series might be the real bargain to hunt for.

LG hasn't shared specifics regarding pricing and release dates, but you can expect these new sets to start hitting in spring later this year.

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