New Switch Trailer For Fire Emblem Warriors Reveals Characters From Awakening

Lucina, Robin, and other characters confirmed for the hack-and-slash title.

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Now Playing: Fire Emblem Warriors - Warriors' Awakening Trailer

Like other Dynasty Warriors-style collaborations, Fire Emblem Warriors features a roster of heroes drawn from different--and often unrelated--chapters in Fire Emblem's history. Today, Nintendo released a new trailer for the game that showcases some of the playable characters hailing from the series' first 3DS installment, Fire Emblem Awakening.

The new video focuses primarily on the Shepherds, the band of fighters led by Awakening's protagonist, Chrom. In the trailer, the group find themselves lost in an unfamiliar forest when they come across Rowan and Lianna, the original twin heroes of Fire Emblem Warriors. Along with the Ylissean prince, the trailer confirms that Frederick, Lissa, Robin, and Lucina all appear in the title. It also provides some hint as to how the characters will play; Lissa, for example, is seen wielding an axe, while Frederick can be spotted on horseback.

According to Koei Tecmo, Fire Emblem Warriors features more playable characters than the first installment of any Warriors collaboration. In addition to Awakening, the game's roster is taken primarily from Fire Emblem Fates and the DS remake of the first Fire Emblem title, Shadow Dragon. At E3 last month, Nintendo released a trailer that showcased several other heroes who will appear in the game: Marth, Xander, Ryoma, and Corrin. Like mainline Fire Emblem titles, Warriors employs the series' weapon triangle and features support conversations between characters.

Fire Emblem Warriors is arriving for Nintendo Switch and New 3DS later this fall. Nintendo has also confirmed that a new, traditional Fire Emblem title is in the works for Switch and will release for the console sometime next year.

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