MrBeast Stumble Guys Collaboration Brings New Maps And Skins To The Game

MrBeast also helped design some levels, too.


Stumble Guy's developer Scopely has announced that it'll be collaborating with YouTuber MrBeast. The upcoming partnership will introduce new levels, skins, emotes, and more as part of an open beta that will initially be available on PC and mobile next week, with an Xbox beta to follow later.

The upcoming levels were designed with the help of MrBeast. The first level to be introduced will be later this summer. It'll take place in a MrBeast warehouse that'll be surrounded by giant sets and obstacle courses. Other than that, not much is known about the upcoming collaboration, but more information will be revealed next week during the open beta.

Stumble Guys originally came out in 2020 for PC and mobile devices. But as of late, it's been getting a lot of attention due to its reveal during the ID@Xbox Showcase, where the studio announced that it'll be coming to Xbox first and other platforms later. According to Scopely, Stumble Guys has tens of millions of players every week.

This isn't the first time MrBeast has collaborated with a video game studio. Late last year, he partnered with Epic Games, where he did virtually the same thing in Fortnite. Players had the chance to participate in a tournament held on a custom island, and on top of that, he had two skins that players could purchase in the in-game item shop.

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