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MrBeast Is Coming To Fortnite And Giving One Player A Million Dollars

Do you have what it takes to walk away with a million dollars?


Epic Games has partnered with YouTuber MrBeast for a Fortnite collaboration. During the limited-time collaboration, players will be able to complete MrBeast's Extreme Survival Challenge on December 17. The player with the highest score will be declared the winner and earn one million dollars.

Those eligible and able to participate in the event will have to collect coins and survive in "extreme challenges" to get the highest score possible. They'll be able to play this mode as much as they'd like if they're not happy with their final score to help increase their chances of winning.

The tournament will go live on December 17, from 9 AM - 12 PM PT / 12 - 3 PM ET. But players will be able to load into the island on December 13 at 9 AM ET/ 6 AM PT to practice for the upcoming event.

MrBeast is partnering with Fornite for the ultimate Victory Royale.
MrBeast is partnering with Fornite for the ultimate Victory Royale.

They'll be able to find the island from the Discover Screen or by entering the island code: 7990-6907-8565.

When the island goes live, players will be able to complete a series of limited-time quests, and those who complete them can earn the MrBeast Gaming Spray and the MrBeast Survival Games Loading Screen. Those who lace in the top 100,000 will be eligible to earn the Beast Brella Umbrella.

MrBeast Fortnite skin release date

Lastly, MrBeast himself will be joining the Fortnite Icon Series. Players can purchase the MrBeast and MrBeast600 skins along with some accessories on December 14 at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET. The MrBeast skin will come with the following:

  • MrBeast Smasher Pickaxe
  • Beast Backdrop Wrap

Listed below are the following accessories that'll come with the MrBeast6000 skin:

  • Prize Package Back Bling (Reactive): "(Included with the MrBeast6000 Outfit.)
  • Beast Claw Pickaxe
  • Wrapped and Revved Glider

All of these items are expected to be sold in a bundle at a reduced price, though prices for any of the items have not yet been revealed.

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