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Monster Hunter World Becomes Capcom's Best-Selling Game Ever (Sort Of)

Monster Hunter World continues to sell.


Before launch, Monster Hunter World seemed poised to be an important game for the franchise in a variety of ways. Between being more welcoming to newcomers and releasing for PS4 and Xbox One (rather than a single handheld), it had the opportunity to really explode. If there was any lingering doubt about that, you can now set it aside, as Capcom has announced yet another sales milestone for the game.

Having already set a new launch record for the series, Capcom has now shared that Monster Hunter World has become the best-selling game in the publisher's history. It has now shipped more than 7.5 million units when combining digital sales and units sent to retailers but not necessarily sold through to consumers yet.

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It's worth noting that Capcom appears to be comparing this milestone based on its list of all-time best-sellers. However, that list doesn't always combine sales for all versions of a single game. Resident Evil 5, for instance, is listed as Capcom's best-selling game ever as of December 2017 with 7.3 million sold. However, combining its releases on last-gen and current-gen platforms, as well as its Gold Edition, Resident Evil 5 sales have reached upwards of 10.6 million. Resident Evil 6, similarly, appears to stand at 8.4 million total.

Regardless, this is another impressive milestone for Monster Hunter World given that it's only been available for just over a month and a PC version is still to come. While sales have slowed since launch--World had sold 6 million as of February 9--outselling the bulk of Capcom's library so quickly is good news for the series.

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